No Reduction In Fuel Taxes: Declares The T-Finance Minister


Etela Rajender Declares No Reduction In Fuel Taxes

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The Telangana Finance Minister Etela Rajender has thrown a huge bomb on the residents of Telangana State with his new declarations. His recent press meet created a huge controversy among the voters of the State.The Centre imposed a huge hike on fuels like Petrol, Diesel, Kerosene etc the other day. The Petrol has hit the record price in the history of India post the Independence. People are paying almost 81.5 rupees per litre and the people asking their respective State Governments to help them.

Some Governments tried to reduce the hike whereas some assured their State that they are finding means to reduce the price. But the newest State of India, Telangana is quite stubborn on this issue. The Government of Telangana declared that it is not going to reduce any percentage of Tax on fuels. Its Finance Minister Etela Rajender in his press meet made it clear that the prices on fuel cannot be reduced as the fuel tax and State VAT is the main source of income to the Government. Despite the CM KCR’s false claims about Telangana’s development, the Government is actually in budget deficit.

In this time, taxes on Alcohol, Tobacco and Fuels are the main sources of income to the state and they are not going to compromise on this issue.Political analysts and common people are not at all welcoming the government’s decision. Claiming that they are the anti BJP’s, how can they support the new rule of Central Government which is troubling the citizens of the nation. KCR and his batch should either oppose this hike or help the people rather than escaping from the issue.

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