Is Pawan Kalyan Going To Be A King Or Kingmaker In Next Gen.Elections?

Pawan Kalyan Is Kingmaker Next General Elections

Pawan Kalyan Is Kingmaker Next General Elections 2019

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The Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan seems to be preparing for the battle of the General Elections 2019.Pawan is currently in his Porata Yatra tour and is getting a great response from all the corners. Pawan Kalyan is lambasting the ruling party in each possible way and is highlighting the major issues of the people. He is not stepping back on the allegations of the ruling party TDP. Most of the people have come to an opinion now that Pawan has transformed himself into a complete politician.

With his Porata Yatra, Pawan is getting more close to the people and his way of thinking also seems to be changed which can be easily noticeable. Pawan Kalyan who always expressed his reluctance towards the position and posts in the politics seems to be a completely changed man now. The other day Pawan has expressed that he would not be like other politicians if he becomes the Chief Minister. He also conveyed to his Janasainiks that shouting his name as CM won’t fetch him that post but their votes will.

Pawan Kalyan is not only targeting the ruling party but also expressed his anger towards the opposition chief Y.S Jagan for failing to question the government in the assembly. He also ridiculed Jagan’s behavior and his thirst for getting into the CM chair. Pawan has also announced that his party will contest in all the 175 constituencies and 90 members have already been selected.

The anti-incumbency is growing rapidly in A.P regarding the ruling party. Jagan is having his hold in certain areas but he is lacking the firm grip of the educated people and youth. If the anti-incumbency increases in such a manner, Janasena will have a great scope in playing a major role in the next elections. The ruling party might underestimate the newly formed party but if the same situation prevails furthermore, the chance of getting into power will just be a dream for TDP.

Though the chances for Janasena to form a government might be less, but if it manages to pull some 40-45 seats, it would definitely be a kingmaker. Have to wait for some more time to witness what kind of role Janasena plays in the coming general elections.

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