Bhojpuri Actress Nude Video Leaked By Producer!

Bhojpuri Actress Nude Video Leaked 

Bhojpuri Actress Nude Video Leaked 

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Film Industry is full of glamour, lights, celebrity status, and colors. The actors and actress on the screen delight the audience with their performances, and beauty. But behind the scenes lies dark secrets like casting couch, lack of opportunities, and many other things. A shocking incident in the Bhojpuri film industry has left everyone shocking.

Bhojpuri film producer Upendra Kumar has been arrested under a serious crime. Upendra Kumar is currently producing a Bhojpuri film. During the canning of a bathroom scene, the actress clothes reportedly slipped off. She quickly reacted and protected her dignity. After the scene has been shot, the actress asked the producer to cut the part where she lost her clothes from the movie. She took her paycheck and left the shooting premises.

‘I was shocked to see that clip in few porn sites. The producer claimed that it got leaked. But we are hundred percent sure it is an inside job. Our friends, relatives and family members informed us after the clip appeared on YouTube and porn sites’, said the actress.

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