Dubai In Grave Danger Because Of Pakistan – UAE Chief Security Officer

Dubai In Grave Danger Because Of Pakistan 

Dubai In Grave Danger Because Of Pakistan 

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UAE’s Chief Security officer’s latest tweet has sent warning signals to the Dubai Government, and other neighboring Gulf countries. He claimed that Pakistan is behind massive drug trafficking into Dubai and other Gulf nations. The security officer also opined that, because of Pakistan, the entire Gulf Community is under serious threat.

‘In recent times, the security forces busted several drug rackets in Dubai. Astonishingly, most of these drug rackets involved Pakistani nationals, and most of the drugs seized were trafficked from Pakistan to Dubai. These individuals are operating from Dubai and other places.

We need to immediately curb the employment opportunities for Pakistanis. This is a matter of National Security. In this regard, Indian are highly disciplined. That isn’t the case with Pakistani nationals. The country has already slipped into danger because of them. They are playing a major role in crimes, smuggling, and drug trafficking’, said Lieutenant General Khalfan.

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