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Bihar RJD leaders in no hurry to take Covid jab

As leaders of the ruling coalition were taking Covid vaccine jabs, several opposition leaders here said that they were not in a hurry to get vaccinated and would rather wait and monitor the health status of the Chief Minister and others who got vaccinated.

Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) MLA Mukesh Raushan said he was monitoring the health condition of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who took the vaccine on March 1.

“If CM Nitish Kumar comes from it without any health complications, I will also proceed with it,” Raushan said.

Anirudh Yadav, RJD MLA from Bakhtiyarpur in Patna districts said: “We do not believe that corona is a disease. There is not a single case of corona in Bakhtiyarpur then why would I take it unnecessarily.”

Ram Bali Yadav, another RJD MLA, said: “Senior leaders and officers of civil and police administration are forcing their drivers and security personnel to take the corona vaccine first. After observing their health status, they are proceeding with it. Similarly, we are monitoring the health condition of the ruling party leaders after they took the corona vaccines.”

“In a bid to encourage the common people, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, and other leaders took the corona vaccine on March 1. Still, opposition leaders do not believe in it which is highly unfortunate,” said Nikhil Anand, the state spokesperson of the BJP Bihar unit.

He said that politics over corona is extremely unfortunate. “We are making efforts for a corona-free country,” Anand said.

Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, while interacting with media personnel at Patna airport said: “We are expecting that opposition leaders would turn up at the health centers to take the corona vaccines. I have not heard of any such development with two days gone by.”

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