Home latest Bizarre bathroom without walls horrifies the Internet

Bizarre bathroom without walls horrifies the Internet

The bathroom without walls sounds very bizarre but a house owner has come up with this idea although the house is yet to sell. Privacy is necessary at times some feel.
It is indeed surprising to know that A $1.9 million worth bizarre Brisbane house has a bedroom that has a ‘see-through’ bathroom as it is “in thing”, nowadays. It sounds preposterous but it is true indeed.

Bizarre bathroom without walls horrifies the Internet

Troy Williamson has developed this rather unusual concept of architecture about having an en-suite bathroom without walls while renovating the luxury home to sell it. Bizarre bathroom without walls horrifies the Internet.
Couples did want a see-through bathroom as they found it a rather cute idea. Both can get ready together as it will consist of two options of facilities inside the bathroom. Husbands and wives have two basins together as well as double showers. Bizarre bathroom without walls horrifies the Internet in such situations.
However, it does appear to be a bizarre sale and the house is yet to attract customers. But the photos of this unusual room/bathroom combo have been doing the rounds on Twitter recently and were shared over 100,000 times.
It is referred to as an ensuite without walls. The owner of this house got rid of these walls as he felt that is what couples wanted.
No doubt, some may not have taken to the concept but yet it drew a lot of attention from the viewers. There have been people who felt that even in marriage privacy is required. Private space is necessary at times. Bizarre bathroom without walls horrifies the Internet after all.
When you think of a washroom, one thinks of a private space. After all, people do not like being watched while they are doing their business? However, few do not make a big issue of it. This house owner did not even have glass walls as a barrier.
The bathroom consists of two basins, a tub, and a shower area. It is also interestingly accompanied by a semi-enclosed area for the toilet.
Some felt it happens to be semi-private and bad odor problem may be there.
No doubt, people want to try out new things but yet a bathroom without walls appears to too amazing a concept. Even in marriage, couples prefer some space to themselves and often family members find bathrooms places to resolve their issues by thinking quietly or smoking away their problems. Also, the wallpaper on the bathroom walls may relax a person and it is often a place to vent out pent up feelings. Such privacy has to be given up in the case of a bathroom without walls. It may sound a very exotic affair, but people having it also have to cope up with certain issues.
Home is a place where one feels that he or she is away from the crowds and a bathroom is a place where a person feels away from other family members at times. Every family member needs some time and space for him or herself and feels like getting away from others even within the house. Solitude becomes essential sometimes and major decisions are taken in the quiet and private space of the bathroom. If there are no walls, a person cannot hide his or her feelings at times.

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