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Bollywood Actress, Zeenat Aman Rapist Arrested!

Bizman Arrested On Charges Of Raping, Cheating Actor Zeenat Aman

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The Mumbai police have finally managed to nab the person who has raped former Bollywood Actress, Zeenat Aman in the past. In her complaint to the Mumbai Police, Zeenat Aman stated well-known businessman Amar Khan has sexually abused her and is harassing her mentally by sending vulgar photographs.

Though Zeenat Aman filed a complaint against Amar Khan in January with the Mumbai police, she did not make any mention of the sexual abuse.She rose to star status with films like ‘Satyam Sivam Sundaram’, ‘Qurbani’, and ‘Ajanabee’. She married Mazaar Khan in 1985. Both the couple had two children born out of wedlock. After Mazaar Khan died in 1998, she is living with her children in Juhu neighborhood, Mumbai.

What’s more surprising is that the accused in this case, Amar Khan is a good family friend of Zeenat Aman. Due to some financial issues, both the families got separated. Since then, Amar Khan tried to resolve the issues, and in that context has invited Zeenat Aman to his house. ‘Only after I went to his house, I came to about his true nature’, said Zeenat.

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