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Electric Vehicles To Be Seen In Hyderabad?

Electric Vehicles To provide Connectivity To Hyderabad

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The people of Hyderabad are expected to see electric vehicles on the roads of Hyderabad, going by the latest announcement from Telangana Minister KTR. Speaking in the assembly today, he said that, electric vehicles will be a reality in Hyderabad.

‘We are trying to encourage electric vehicle usage in Hyderabad in the coming few years. This will be done in multiple phases. Hyderabad is a great city, and there is no denial in that. At the same time, pollution has become a major problem in the city.

To reduce carbon emissions, and move towards a cleaner Hyderabad the government has taken by this initiative. We are working with different companies to see how we can implement this idea. At the same time, the government is also committed to development other cities in Telangana.

Rs 1000 crores have been allocated for development in 43 cities (in Telangana). We are also setting up a Waste Treatment Plant in Warangal and Hyderabad. In the next four years, we want to make Hyderabad the best city in India’, said KCR.He also stated that the government is going to build 826 modern bus shelters for people’s convenience by this year-end.

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