BJP’s Juicy Offer To TRS: KCR In Second Thoughts

BJP’s Juicy Offer To TRS

The fact that the Telangana Chief Minister KCR met the Indian Prime Minister became a hot topic among the Political circles. Sources from the capital reveal stunning information about BJP’s future plans in Telangana.To discuss the implementation of AP Bifurcation Act of 2014 in Telangana to split Government Institutions like High Court and to other things, the TRS Chief met KCR on Saturday. Apart from their official discussions about their Governments, the BJP Leader has offered a tempting offer to the KCR which he can’t refuse.

KCR In Second Thoughts

Modi declared that he is positive for forming an alliance with the TRS in Telangana for the 2019 elections. Clever PM made it very clear that the alliance should be a pre-poll one as he is well aware of KCR’s tactics post the elections. KCR who is willing to shake hands with the Saffron party has two thoughts in his mind.No doubt, the alliance would be a benefit to the TRS as his rivals TDP and Congress are speculated to be forming an alliance to defeat the Pink party in T-State.

But if he forms an alliance with the BJP

But if he forms an alliance with the BJP, he will lose his credibility across the Nation for joining hands with a party which he earlier launched a fight in the name of Federal Front. Also, KCR opines that he cannot grow bigger in National Politics as the BJP heads will make him confined to the State as a Chief Minister if not as a Central Minister but not as a Prime Minister. KCR is currently in a perplexed position to declare a yes or no to the Modi.


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