Kurnool Explosion Swallowed 12 People And 10 Houses


In what may be called as a sensational piece of news, mishandled explosion in a mine near Kurnool killed 12 people on the spot leaving many others in fatal injuries. Details of this sudden blast as follows.

It is a normal sunny day in the village of Hathi Belgal in Alur Mandal of Kurnool district and the people are working their regular duties in a quarry mine. Workers who set the charges to blast a big piece of Crust were ordered to remove the explosives for some reasons. All of a sudden, the explosives exploded like anything and killed 12 people who are near the charges. Some people burnt their bodies almost 80% and are fighting for their lives in hospital whereas some trapped in the fires behind workers shed. The mishap took in the evening time and the nearby villages heard such big impactful explosion. The shock was so big such that the high-intensity decibel waves grounded as many as 10 nearby houses and left the residents with minor injuries. Fire and Police Department came to the rescue and admitted the wounded workers in hospitals.


Kurnool Minister KE Krishna Murthy rushed to the scenario to start the rescue procedure in order to save any left people inside the quarry. According to the Police, the deaths of 12 might get increased as many injured workers suffered the maximum portion of burns on their skin. All these workers hail from the neighborhood State of Odisha.


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