KCR Began His Mission In 2019 With Unique Schemes

KCR Began Unique Schemes Of 2019 Elections

KCR Began Unique Schemes Of 2019 Elections

Posted May 28, 2018, 12:35 pm at 12:35

The Telangana Chief Minister KCR formed the Government with perfect strategy and execution of Mission Telangana in 2014. He is keen on resuming the power again in 2019 with stupendous schemes which are too good to reject by the rural voters of Telangana.For any State in India, especially in South India the rural voters a predominant role in getting a huge majority of votes. Already TRS has its own vote bank across the T-State but their aim is to limit TPCC to least deposits thereby rubbing them off from Opposition. So the TRS Chief is concentrating on winning the votes of Farmers and backward communities with his unique schemes. Prior to the election notification, he announced his first round of monetary benefits for Agriculture sector.

KCR who has a bad reputation for not aiding farmers has now become the savior of them. KCR announced 8000 to every farmer for one acre as an incentive of cultivation. Not stopping there, KCR announced free insurance policies to all the registered farmers and assured them that the paperwork will be finished within a couple of days when and money will be paid to demised farmer’s family very soon. The TRS camp declares that the announced scheme will be implemented very soon such that 70% of farmers will receive their incentives when the election notification gets released.

According to them, 70 lakh farmer families will be directly benefited in Telangana as a part of the first installment.KCR made it very clear that this is a sample and more thunderous schemes are yet to be announced in the upcoming days. He also assured the other sectors and backward communities with amazing schemes from his Government. Seems the CM of Telangana is not leaving any community to get into Power second time in a row.

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