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HomelatestBJP laying its death bed!

BJP laying its death bed!

BJP laying its death bed!

By winning a staggering 266 seats in the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections, BJP has redefined how a come-back should be. Interestingly, none of the political parties managed to secure 10% of the seats to be the ‘Opposition’ of the house.
But BJP has been busy pricking its allies. The relation between BJP and Shiv Sena in Maharashtra got sour after it looked like BJP was supporting Sharad Pawar and NCP. Shiv Sena was forced to declare BJP as its ‘political enemy’ given BJP’s dual nature. 
BJP’s stint in Andhra Pradesh also appears to be the same. After collaborating for the 2014 elections, BJP hardly supported Telugu Desam Party in governance. BJP’s harsh stance on ‘AP Special Status’ and ‘Loan Waiver for Farmers’ clearly illustrates in what direction the BJP-TDP relationship is heading.
PM Modi’s recent visit to DMK’s former chief, Karunanidhi has raised some eyebrows in the Tamil Nadu state politics. After supporting Paneer Selvam and AIDMK during the political crisis, the recent visit by Modi has come under scrutiny as to whom BJP is supporting in the state politics.
BJP’s bad rapport with its allies is going to cost the party in 2019 Lok Sabha elections. In recent times, an anti-Modi wave is strongly felt across the nation. 

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