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Homelatest‘Cosmic Rhythm’ by Usha Patibandla: A respite to the eyes!

‘Cosmic Rhythm’ by Usha Patibandla: A respite to the eyes!

‘Cosmic Rhythm’ by Usha Patibandla: A respite to the eyes!

An art exhibit titled ‘Cosmic Rhythm’is being presented in the IconArt Gallery. The solo art gallery is a series of painting work by Usha Patibandla. The creative techniques, the blend of colors and the exotic theme of the paintings will take you into another world.‘Cosmic Rhythm’ by Usha Patibandla

Usha’s ‘Cosmic Rhythm’ is a unique work that comes as a refreshing one in the modern world. Far from the holistic representations and eye-grabbing visuals, Usha’s paintings baffle the colors and concept on to the canvas.‘Cosmic Rhythm’ by Usha Patibandla

The haze and horizon depicted in her paintings clearly reveal the mystic nature of the dark themed universe. One of her paintings depict the waving human emotions on a tabletop as if the colors have instigated upon her to lay themselves so inimitably. No surprise you feel intimidated by seeing the paintings of the richness and nature of the colors, which you might never come across. The cosmic colors provoke the thought, on how beautiful it is to watch the universe through an artist.‘Cosmic Rhythm’ by Usha Patibandla

A graduate of Andhra University in Fine Arts, Usha Patibandla fortifies herself in depicting nature through its own vision (colors). ‘It takes me 24 hours to superimpose the next layer as the resin-on-wood would only give me 30 minutes to work at a stretch, as the surface gets dry and fixed.’

‘Cosmic Rhythm’ comes as a respite to the eyes, thanks to the artist’s sync with nature.

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