Modi Orders BJP MPs To Do Hunger Strike!

BJP MP Mahesh Girri Ends Hunger Strike In Rajnath Singh

BJP MP Mahesh Girri Ends Hunger Strike In Rajnath Singh

Posted April 6, 2018, 7:25 pm at 19:25

In a shocking move, and highly unlike him, PM Modi asked the BJP MPs to get ready for a hunger strike on April 12th. The decision comes after the BJP core committee has decided to protest against the ill motives of the Congress party during the Parliamentary sessions.

Cabinet Minister Ananth Kumar conveyed the decision to the national media. Speaking to the electronic media, Ananth Kumar said, ‘while BJP seeks for healthy politics, the Congress party is has opened up its fraudulent politics. By making false allegations, and campaigns against the Centre, the Congress party is trying to send wrong signals to the public.

In this backdrop, the Prime Minister has called for a hunger strike by all the BJP MPs, leaders. We have full faith in our governance, and are striving for the development of the nation’.With opposition parties standing united (except for YSRCP and AIADMK), it will be interesting to see how far the BJP will succeed in its attempt of disruption the oppositions’ mega-alliance.

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