BJP Paid A Huge Price For Undermining KCR’s Capacity

BJP Paid A Huge Price For Undermining KCR’s Capacity

The Saffron Party is well known for its backstabs as far as the nation-BJP ruled states like Andhra Pradesh is concerned in the name of Special Status. Now a Telugu party, TRS has deceived this historical big party BJP like never before. Analysts are here with their decoded tactics of KCR to almost vanish BJP from the State.Right from the beginning, KCR started fooling the Central Party BJP and his oppositions that he is maintaining a secret pact with the BJP. He downplayed his rivals by having constant interactions with the Indian Prime Minister Modi regarding the State. At one point of time, It is KCR who asked his TRS MPs to vote for NDA during the No-Confidence Motion. Such KCR has twisted the plate with such ease such that it took a while for BJP for the KCR’s shock of joining hands with the MIM.

When the snap polls approached, the TRS Chief declared that he will not join with BJP and in fact, he is going against it. By then, the BJP Chief Amit Shah and   who are optimistic to have a hold on the T-State with TRS collaboration got shocked. Less preparation time and unavailability of candidates proved costly to the BJP as it won just one seat among 119 seats whereas TRS won with flying colors.Now that KCR is all set to intensify his Federal Front against AICC and BJP, Amit Shah and Modi are unable to prepare a strategy to downplay KCR with Parliament elections coming shortly.


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