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HomelatestBJP marching towards the victory in Karnataka

BJP marching towards the victory in Karnataka

BJP Running Towards The Victory In Karnataka Elections 2018

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Its proved finally that the Modi wave is unwithered with the result of Karnataka polls. Touted to be a neck to neck fight between BJP and Congress, the saffron party is marching towards the magical figure.

Making the pre-poll surveys and predictions false, the BJP has given a big jolt to Congress who all thought it would emerge as the single largest party in Karnataka. The Modi and Shah combo has once again proved to be very successful and most of the credit goes to the electioneering team and strategical path of the party. Despite growing opposition on Modi, the Karnataka poll result gives a big boost to BJP before general elections which is going to take place in a year. Modi’s campaign in the last minute has also shown a great impact on the election result. Apart from all these, the exceptional performance of JDS over 40 constituencies has given a big blow to Congress.

Ram Madhav who is the election strategist of BJP and also the A.P in charge is the man on cloud nine right now. Much elated with the results of Karnataka, Ram Madhav has tweeted provoking A.P CM Chandrababu Naidu and Co by saying that their tactics have been failed miserably where most of the Telugu people live. He also stated that BJP’s march into South has begun which clearly indicates that the same result will be repeated in the general elections as well.

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