Karnataka elections: BJP ahead of Congress

Karnataka Election LIVE Results BJP Ahead

Karnataka Election LIVE Results: BJP Ahead

Posted May 15, 2018, 12:23 pm at 12:23

The Karnataka elections have been the centre of attraction in the nation today. The voting has been started and the earlier trends had shown a neck to neck fight between BJP and Congress.

But as moving forward, the current trend show BJP is slightly ahead of Congress. There are also reports coming that BJP is showing its dominance in 105 constituencies whereas Congress is leading in 70 plus constituencies. The magical figure is going to be 113 in this election and JDS(Janata Dal-secular) is going to be the kingmaker. The JDS is leading in almost 43 constituencies as per the reports so far.  

The BJP is quite confident that it will get the magical figure and form the government whereas the Congress which is lagging behind as of now is preparing its ground to collaborate with JDS and form the government. The Chief Minister Siddaramaiah is leading in the Badami constituency and the BJP CM candidate Yeddyurappa is close to victory in Shikaripura constituency.

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