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Blockchain— It’s Impact.

Digital technologies allow people to do business across borders and continents in an instant. At the same time, they have to trust one another and thus rely on bureaucracy and middlemen. Security, identity, and ownership need to be guaranteed while still operating at the speed of the Internet. Blockchains or distributed ledgers may be able to resolve the issue.

Companies, researchers, as well as governments, are indeed exploring how blockchains will be able to secure trust without the help of middlemen or third parties. Leaders operating in a wide range of industries around the world are indeed seeking to understand how distributed ledgers can also help them to operate more efficiently.

What is in store?

  • Meet pioneers in this emerging field
  • Learn about the technology to gain business advantage
  • Separate fact from hype, and what’s imminent from what’s far off

The new feature in Blockchain

Being a promising technique to be able to achieve decentralized consensus, blockchain has indeed been successfully applied into digital currency.Bitcoin is made for serving as a public ledger for transactions. Its secure based design for supporting a distributed computing system having a high Byzantine fault tolerance is indeed attracting wide attention all over the world. Blockchain has a great potential for event recording, identity management, fault provenance, behavior tracking, and so on.

It is useful especially in a distributed system without a trusted authority or central server. On one hand, blockchain has indeed an important role for secure decentralization in such types of emerging fields as the Internet of Things, Cyber-Physical Systems, edge computing, crowdsourcing, social networking, and next-generation wireless communications, and even more other fields. On the other hand, its advance should be further evolved in terms of scalability, privacy, efficiency, flexibility and high dependability.

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