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HomelatestGood News For Hyderabad Metro Travelers!

Good News For Hyderabad Metro Travelers!

Hyderabad Metro Travelers Ameerpet To Nagole

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The response towards Hyderabad Metro Rail project hasn’t been overwhelming, nor disappointing. It is somewhere a touch notch below and above the ‘satisfactory’ mark. On an average, around 60,000 commuters use the Hyderabad Metro to reach their destinations. Likewise, the authorities believe that, if they can maintain the frequency for every 8 minutes, it should be sufficient. Currently, the frequency is being maintained only in the Miyapur and Ameerpet Metro line.

Ameerpet – Nagole journey to be reduced by 15 minutes!


Post-April, more or less the same frequency is likely to be maintained. At the same time, the authorities believe that, with an increase in speed, the journey time from between Miyapur and Ameerpet is likely to be around 15mins – 18mins, from 22 minutes.

The commuters traveling between Ameerpet and Nagole are likely to be benefited. The current journey time in this leg is around 40 minutes, with a train for every 15 minutes. Making the best use of the ‘Communication Based Control’, the journey time will come down to 25 minutes, and the train frequency will be increased to 8 minutes. Besides this move, L&T is also planning to increase the frequency of trains to 5 minutes in case of rush hour.

Metro to run until 12:30 midnight on IPL Cricket Matches days


L&T announced that Hyderabad Metro Rail services will be available till 12:30 am on the night of the IPL Cricket Matches. Hyderabad Uppal Cricket Stadium is hosting 7 Matches this season. The matches will take place on April 9, 12, 22, 26, May 5, 7 and 19. Excluding the match on April 22nd, the rest all matches being at 8:00 pm in the evening.

The matches will finish at 11:45 pm. Moreover, with the availability of metro along the national highway, and close to the Uppal Cricket Stadium, cricket lovers are expected to utilize the metro service to reach the stadium.


In this context, the metro trains service is extended till 12:30 am, enabling commuters to reach their destinations. Generally, metro service is only available until 10 pm in the night. The people are appreciating the move from the Hyderabad Metro Rail Authority.

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