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HomelatestTDP Will Play Akey Role In 2019 PM Elections: Declares CBN

TDP Will Play Akey Role In 2019 PM Elections: Declares CBN

TDP Will Play A Key Role In 2019 PM Elections

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Day by day the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Chandrababu Naidu is fuming flames on the Central Government. With an agenda of dethroning BJP for cheating AP, he is readying his strategy with his camp.

CBN in his recent press meet declared that he will not sacrifice the rights and self-respect of Telugu people for anything. Blaming the central party BJP for AP’s present situation, he claimed that he is ready to join hands with Congress if necessary. This National Chief of TDP stated that his party always plays a crucial role in National Politics every time. Likewise, even for the upcoming 2019 elections, CBN in a rather strong tone declared that he will decide the Indian PM for this country. For that, he asked his party crucial leaders to work hard in order to get the People’s support. On the other hand, he ordered his party workers to promote all the welfare programmes of TDP among the people to win their trust. CBN also planning a strategy to get all the votes in 2019 general elections to checkmate Pawan and Jagan without the support of BJP. One should not be wondered if he goes and supports the third front lead by Mamatha and KCR for National D-Day.

Meanwhile, his MPs are continuing their protests in the Parliament to bring pressure on the Centre. Still, the No Confidence Motion is not taken into consideration by any of the houses in Delhi. Time to intensify the protest by doing resignations and hunger strikes, advice Political analysts.

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