Is the BOLD content a new trend in Tollywood?

BOLD Content A New Trend In Tollywood

If we look at the movies releasing from the recent times, the one thing which is becoming more prominent in small budget flicks is the adult content which is also termed as BOLD content by the makers.

Arjun reddy And RX 100,

Take the reference to some films like Arjun Reddy and RX100 which has made it big at the box office. These two films had a stupendous run at the box office and also fetched the rave reviews for the content of the film. Keeping aside the content of the film which none points out but the BOLD content factor in the movie seems to be misleading.

adith arun 24 kisses movie

The intense liplocks and overboard romance are the prominent features of some of the films which are looking to earn some quick bucks at the ticket window. Even the Arjun Reddy and RX100 films have initially bagged that image but it has successfully come out due to the strong content of the film. But if you take the case of 24 Kisses, the publicity of the film has been entirely based on the kissing and bold element but it was toppled down due to no strong base of the content.

Yedu Chepala Katha

Many of the filmmakers are relying completely on the so-called bold content to target the youth and certain sector of the audience and are encashing the present trend. Look at the trailer of Yedu Chepala Katha. The content of the film in the name of BOLD is surely an adult film. To encash the present trend, makers are steeping low with so-called films opine many cine-goers.


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