JD Lakshminarayana’s New Party In Discussions:

CBI Ex JD Lakshminarayana To Start New Party In AP

The former IAS Officer turned Political activist JD Lakshminarayana has all set to launch his new party and the entire Press is ever ready to know the details of this new party. According to the sources close to this ex JD of CBI, the big announcement will be made on 26th of this month.


More than his party, the Political analysts started discussing this party’s vote bank. For sure all the educated people and some section of Youth will favor this new party and at the same time, the anti-TDP voters would vote for Lakshminarayana who are not interested in either Janasena or YSRCP. The only party which opposes this new one is the YSRCP for JD’s active involvement of Jagan’s arrest. On a whole, Political lovers declare that TDP will be benefited maximum by the entry of this new party and YSRCP would take the blow just like TDP got affected with the Lok Satta in 2009 elections.



Meanwhile, Lakshminarayana is confident enough to enter the Assembly to fight for his most favorite section of farmers and agriculture. Along with Politicians, the common people are curious about this new party of former IAS.


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