Wednesday, December 7, 2022
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Breaking News : Manchu Manoj Is Saying ‘GoodBye’ To Movies

Goodbye‘  to movies

Manchu Manoj who’s the son of Manchu Mohanbabu has declared a sensational news on his Facebook account that he is going to quit movies. At present, he’s working on ‘Okkadu Migilite’ movie. Manchu Manoj has declared that after the release of this movie, he will complete all the committed movies and say ‘goodbye’ to movies. With Manchu Manoj’s decision everyone is shocked. Recently Manoj shared that ‘he wants to do something to farmers’ and now his this sudden decision made everyone upset.

Manoj till now in his career did not get a Commercial biggest hit. Everyone is confused that because of this reason Manoj is quitting movies or is there any another reason? Now, this topic is the sensational news in Tollywood industry. Always Manchu Manoj kept interest in social causes, so it’s been buzzing that maybe he will step in politics also. Manchu Manoj decision became a buzzing topic here. Everyone is trying to talk to his close people about Manchu Manoj decision, but they are not available it seems.

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