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HomelatestBy-Poll Results Slay BJP To The Core

By-Poll Results Slay BJP To The Core

By-Poll Results Shocked BJP To The Core

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The results of 2018 by-poll elections have been out and guess what, the major percentage of Indians expressed their happiness watching the failure of BJP. The results also awakened the ruling party which is in a sleep of overconfidence.Right from the day, the BJP backed NDA Government came into Power, each and every individual of the country hoped for the golden days watching Modi. Forget the development, the Modi lead BJP Sarkar continuously trouble the citizens of India as they won a majority of the seats in the Parliament.

With this attitude, the Amit Shah backed BJP went on by making its own rules in the constitution and became the major enemy of the two Telugu States. Still, the Modi and Amit Shah duo with rather arrogance believed that they can conquer any State and feared nothing for the Federal Front news. In the results of recently held by-poll elections, BJP bagged just one seat whereas its Opposition got three seats. All in all, the total count of the BJP in the Parliament fell to half of the total count. Even though they have the magical figure to continue the Government, its own MLAs and MPs are not happy with the way the party is going.

If BJP continues this attitude, then it would suffer a loss in 2019’s Prime Minister Elections for sure. Already the BJP lost one State in South with Karnataka. Tamil Nadu is not going to be easy for the BJP as the anti-BJP forces are speculated to be joining hands. In the two Telugu States, the Governments and the voters turned completely anti to the BJP. It is time for this big party to rework their strategies.

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