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HomelatestPawan Denting YSRCP Votes Along With The TDP

Pawan Denting YSRCP Votes Along With The TDP

Pawan Kalyan Denting YSRCP Votes Along With The TDP

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Aspiring leader Pawan Kalyan has stunned all his critics by starting his full-fledged political tour prior to the elections of 2019. Now his tour which is getting an amazing response is troubling the two big parties TDP and YSRCP.Pawan’s Uttarandhra tour has become a bumper hit already as the crowds have been eagerly waiting to see this new people’s leader. After completing the Srikakulam district, the Janasenani entered the Vijayanagaram district which has a permanent vote bank for YSRCP.

Already Pawan is irking the TDP with his counters and by winning the trust of Srikakulam people. Now his charisma is attracting the votes of YSRCP as well which is aiming to form Government. If there is no Janasena, then the voters who are hating TDP for its dual nature on the Special Status will be converted as YSRCP votes. Now that Pawan is bagging the neutral votes of both TDP and YSRCP, there will be fewer chances for Jagan to win against the TDP. If Pawan manages to impress the Vizag district as well, then Pawan will get a minimum of 10 seats just from Uttarandhra denting YSRCP hugely and TDP partly.

But the BJP leaders of Vizag district are preparing their strategies to counter Pawan the moment he enters the Steel City.All in all, Pawan Kalyan got the best start in his whole AP Political tour.Political analysts point out the main difference between Jagan and Pawan Kalyan. Even though both are targeting the ruling party TDP, Pawan is addressing the real and local problems of the place where he is touring while Jagan is showcasing his eagerness to become the CM of the State.

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