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HomelatestCentral Government Strikes Back At KCR With CAG:

Central Government Strikes Back At KCR With CAG:

Central Government Strikes Back At KCR With CAG

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It’s a known thing that the Telangana Chief Minister KCR has been lashing out at the Centre and on Indian Prime Minister Modi for not allocating funds to his state. The Union Government took its own time to revert back to KCR with its aid CAG.

The Comptroller and Auditor General of India in short CAG is a Central Government wing which audits bills and receipts filed by all State Governments. It has released Telangana State’s report for the fiscal year of 2016-17. To slam KCR who is fuming flames on Centre and threatening it by forming the third front in India, Central Government directed CAG to reveal Telangana’s reports. As expected, CAG embarrassed the Telangana State by declaring that it is no more a revenue surplus State but a huge revenue deficit.

In its long report, CAG declared that the claims submitted by T-State for the year 2016-17 stating that it has a surplus revenue of 6500+ crores of rupees actually generated a revenue of only1,500 crores thereby leaving the State in 5000+ crores of the deficit. Also, it pointed out that T-state actually received funds of more than 16 crores each for constructing T-Hub and its Phase-2. Not stopping there, CAG showcased the dire health situation of Telangana by claiming that the State’s public health facilities went down from 69% to 45% in one year. Also the tall boosting of T-Government on Mission Kakatiya ended up with a result of 17 vanished lakes in Hyderabad itself. Needless to say, there is BJP’s hand in CAG’s report in order to shake TRS camp.

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