Thursday, September 23, 2021
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KCR’s Govt. Is The Only Govt. That Shows Debt As Surplus – Congress

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The Telangana Congress leaders have raised their protests against KCR and TRS Government. ‘The recent CAG report has exposed the Telangana government completely. Probably, the KCR government might be the only government in the Indian history, where the debt is being shown as surplus. They are misleading the people of the state by showing bogus accounts’, said Congress’s official spokesperson Dasoju Sravan Kumar.

He further added that ‘the CAG report seconds the claims made by the Congress party. The report has clearly exposed the irregularities and mismanagement in the Telangana Government. This means Telangana is not the richest country in the state, as claimed by KCR. The TRS Government doesn’t deserve to continue in power.

The dictatorial Chief Minister, rubber-stamp like Ministers, MLAs who are nothing but slaves, and the parroted IAS officers together have destroyed the state of Telangana in the last four years.

Is this the way you rule the state of Telangana, formed due to the sacrifice of hundreds of people?’

So far, KCR Govt. managed to hold a strong support in the public. Since the past few months, there has been a hint of anti-KCR movement in the state.

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