Tuesday, August 16, 2022
HomelatestCBN Blames Modi For His Break Up With NDA Alliance

CBN Blames Modi For His Break Up With NDA Alliance

AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is touring the West Godavari District to woo the voters of Godavari region. In his recent Public meet, Babu retorted Modi’s recent counters on CBN and his son Lokesh.The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi continued his sharp attack on TDP Chief CBN as a part of his revenge Politics. He stated that CBN is responsible for the breakups within the NDA and for the sake of his power, Babu shook hands with Congress leaving the demised NTR’s soul in vain. On this note, Modi personally countered Babu by uttering that the AP CM is only concentrating on his son Lokesh and left developing AP for many other common man’s sons.

Responding to this, Babu blamed everything on Modi for his breakup with NDA and declared that BJP’s backstabbing Politics made him withdraw his friendship with the alliance. Also, Babu reminded the fact that Modi like a dictator is using the Central agencies like CBI, ED on many TDP leaders, Akhilesh Yadav etc to corner them but failed miserably.Babu has visited the constituency of Nidadavole in West Godavari and is speculated to be contesting from this region. He wants to leave the hometown Kuppam for his son Lokesh but one has to wait for the official announcement from the TDP Chief.

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