Friday, December 9, 2022
HomelatestCBN Counters Modi Regarding TDP-AICC’s Alliance

CBN Counters Modi Regarding TDP-AICC’s Alliance

The TDP National Chief Chandrababu Naidu is in defense mode as the Assembly and Parliament elections are nearing each passing day. Along with the local rival Jagan, Babu is countering his National rival Modi every now and then.The Prime Minister the other day hit at CBN indirectly by stating that the Prajakutami in Telangana faced a severe failure and it would face the same defeat in the upcoming elections. According to Modi, TDP-AICC’s pact which is trying hard to form an anti-Modi alliance would lose to NDA in the Lok Sabha elections. CBN reacted sharply to Modi that the latter is insecure of his ruling capabilities. Babu stated that Modi who is very tensed to know that AP would surpass Gujarat in development has completely halted funds to the bifurcated State.

With the same insecurity, Babu opined that Modi is fearing that the anti-Modi alliance which is co-lead by Chandrababu Naidu could destroy BJP from the Parliament.On this note, the AP CM reminded that BJP lost deposits in the snap polls which is even worse than Prajakutami’s defeat. Overall, CBN warned Modi that he would dethrone the latter at any cost with the support of Front parties. The AP CM ended his counter to the Indian PM by declaring that he has developed Hyderabad as a World class city, unlike Modi who did nothing to Ahmedabad when he was the CM of Gujarat for three consecutive terms.

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