Thursday, February 2, 2023
HomelatestCan Janasena Withstand The Political Conspiracy...?

Can Janasena Withstand The Political Conspiracy…?

The party of Janasena just like PRP is emerging as the best alternative to all the anti-incumbency voters who are not willing to incline towards YSRCP. In this regard, this newest party of AP is facing Political heat from the existing two big parties and their leaders in the name of conspiracy.Already the Opposition leader Jagan who is unable to counter Pawan Kalyan is trying hard to term the Janasena as the secret friend of TDP. In his recent meeting, Jagan dared to claim that Janasena might support TDP yet again in 2019 making the neutral voters confused. On the flip side, the other day’s Press meet of AP CM CBN also set a stage for big confusion. The TDP National head intentionally stated that Jagan is feared with Janasena join hands with TDP for the second time.

Both the leaders cleverly sending feelers to the voters that Janasena is not an individual force but will go along with either of the existing main parties of AP for the sake of packages. If Janasenani fails to prove that he is fighting alone as soon as possible, then there is a chance that the maximum percentage of people would feel that Pawan Kalyan is not a lone warrior. It is high time for Janasena Party to declare its strength to the voters of AP in order to convey that the triangular fight is inevitable.Meanwhile, the Supreme of JSP has decided to intensify his campaign by shifting his base to the new capital Amaravathi. He should do more groundwork to make his party as one of the biggest parties of AP in terms of its cadre.

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