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HomelatestCBN responds to Pawan’s invitation to Congress

CBN responds to Pawan’s invitation to Congress

CBN responds to Pawan’s invitation to Congress

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The Chief Minister of AP has finally opened his tight-lipped mouth on his longtime partner Pawan Kalyan. But this time, he has made some negative comments for the first time in his friendship with Janasena post-2014 elections.

The TDP Supreme CBN has joined hands with Pawan Kalyan during the election campaign in 2014. Since then, he used to treat Pawan as a close friend with higher respect. He always gives appointment whenever the Janasena President asks and often gives him VVIP category in Secretariat as well. There were times when Pawan started questioning both TDP and its alliance BJP in the past two years but CBN controlled his party leaders to stay in control. He strictly ordered his cadre not to utter anything against Pawan Kalyan. Such CBN has now spoken something negative against Pawan Kalyan.

In his recent party meeting, he has reportedly slammed Pawan’s invitation to Congress. CBN stated that he has no issues with establishing JFC and he merely welcomes it. But he hates the fact that Pawan has included CBN’s rival party Congress. He inturns questions Pawan about his sincerity for joining hands with Congress who is accused to in the bifurcation of AP while BJP stands at First. CBN claimed that he might not be worried if Pawan didn’t have included Congress in JFC. On the same note, the CM termed Pawan’s step as a bad move which he has to rectify in the near future.

Some supporters of JFC and followers of Janasena took CBN’s words seriously. They ask CBN if he has right to question Pawan’s credibly being in alliance with accused one BJP. Also, they ask CBN not to utter anything against their leader Pawan otherwise he might need to face some serious consequences. Political analysts opine that Pawan who is looking forward to withdrawing his support to TDP will permanently cut its bonding if CBN continues to irk him like this.

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