CBN Using The Same Anti-KCR Weapon For Gaining Votes

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Clever politician Chandrababu Naidu has given a dire shock to KCR-YS Jagan ally camp the other day by raising the topic of anti-KCR anti-Telangana in one of his election campaign. Details of this most hyped public speech which won accolades of people as follows:

Chandrababu Naidu who is furious on his rival KCR’s tactics of befriending YS Jagan by indulging in AP Politics has shocked his rivals. Addressing the Public, CBN for the first time reminded how KCR degraded AP State, its people and culture since 2018 elections. Babu asked people of AP to see the nexus between TRS and YSRCP and voting for Jagan is nothing but bringing Telangana into AP State. He urged the voters of AP to make TDP win in all the Lok Sabha elections to defeat KCR’s cruel tactics of downplaying AP at the Center regarding Special Status and all the bifurcation promises. Last but not least, the AP CM urged the voters to limit YSRCP to the Opposition once again to keep AP safe.

Despite KCR’s new supportive comments about AP Special Status, political experts say that the damage already been done and the YSRCP would pay price for joining hands with the TRS. Well, the 23rd of May would decide if people are with CBN or YS Jagan or any other party.


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