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CBN Working In God Speed For Elections

The AP CM Chandrababu Naidu is often regardest as one of the most fittest Chief Ministers of India. His working style and ability even approaching the 70 years is unmatchable.

It is a common thing that the Party heads work more than their usual style while campaigning. However, the case of CBN is different because he needs to take care of his Government and participate in campaigning as well. Known for his working hours of almost 18 hours a day, via a central monitoring system, Babu takes care of Government things while on campaigning. Looking at the three party heads, CBN has completed almost 80 meetings in the happened one month or less while Jagan managed to complete half of CBN. Janasena is decent with a series of meets as Pawan Kalyan himself is the star campaigner for the entire party. Overall, CBN’s pace and commitment over-shined these two so-called young and dynamic politicians of Andhra Pradesh.

With just 5 days in hand for the campaigning, CBN is crisscrossing the entire AP to cover all the constituencies especially those where TDP is speculated to be winning. Demand for the same government to continue the ruling and schemes introduced by Babu in the last month of his ruling is playing the game for TDP.

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