Wednesday, August 10, 2022
HomelatestCentral Govt’s Response To Bollywood's #Metoo Campaign

Central Govt’s Response To Bollywood’s #Metoo Campaign

#Metoo Campaign in the Indian Film Industry needs no introduction as many actresses are confessing all the sexual harassment they have experienced in their careers. This campaign grew up so big that its heat now touched the Indian Government.

Tanushree Datta in Bollywood to Singer Chinmayi

From Tanushree Datta in Bollywood to Singer Chinmayi in Kollywood, many women who work in different departments in the Industry are revealing the names of those men who sexually harassed them. This campaign is going on via Twitter such that all the netizens and media would stay in a constant update about the culprits. Now the Union Government has responded for the first time in all these days and its Union Minister for Women and Child Development, Maneka Gandhi reacted to this issue.

Maneka Gandhi reacted to this issue

The Minister declared that the Ministry is forming a committee with retired Judges and Supreme Court Lawyer within three months. This committee will start its investigation with the victims of #Metoo personally and collects necessary information. After collecting the crucial details, then the Government will take appropriate decisions on the culprits but meanwhile, the Minister assured complete justice for the victims and they will be provided with practical solutions as well.

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