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Homelatest#Cyclone Title: 10 People Dead In Srikakulam District

#Cyclone Title: 10 People Dead In Srikakulam District

We are all disheartened and Completly Broken for Last year’s hud-hud Cyclone, Especially, People of Vizag slowly forgetting that deadliest Incident slowly which killed people lives in Herrondeous Way. Now the Cyclone Title hits Andhra Pradesh and Odessa and it Creates Huge Rucus in Two States.

Andhra Pradesh and Odisha gazed

Andhra Pradesh and Odisha gazed at a possible flood situation on Saturday, multi-day after Cyclone Titli hit their coasts, with rivers and streams streaming in spate following substantial rains in a few areas of the two states. Something like 12 people has died on Thursday in the two states, Officials stated, as Cyclone Titli made a landfall at an opportune time Thursday morning, trees and current polls fall in on-road and broadcast communications systems and power and water supply are completely damaged.

attacked by Title Cyclone

Four people were missing and they were dreaded caught under the trash, he said. A Rescue team, including a workforce of the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), hurried to the areas which were attacked by Title Cyclone. The tornado had made a landfall on Thursday southwest of Gopalpur close Palasa, said an Officials.

financial assistance will be given

According to the reports, financial assistance will be given to the affected people according to government norms, Official said. He said the territory where the avalanche occurred was remote and the streets to the area were hindered by evacuated trees. Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu on Thursday said that he would visit Srikakulam locale and take an interest in the rehabilitation works, ” AP govt has mobilized a special team of 1000 officials to carry out restoration of facilities like power, roads, water, sanitation & medicines in the cyclone-affected areas. RTG team is monitoring the disaster management & providing a minute to minute report of the relief work”.

Assured necessary assistance to farmers

“Assured necessary assistance to farmers as #CycloneTitli uprooted coconut & cashew trees in the affected region. More than 50% of the power supply has been restored so far & a special team of 1000 officials has been mobilized to carry out restoration work.”

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