Chandrababu creating a ‘Shankar Cinema’ experience!

Chandrababu creating a ‘Shankar Cinema’ experience
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Chandrababu creating a ‘Shankar Cinema’ experience

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The film ‘Oke Okkadu’ released 18 years back has created a sensation in the Telugu Film Industry. The character played by Arjun as ‘One-day Chief Minister’ was a big hit. The film shows the involvement of the CM across every aspect of the state. Many people have wished for such a Chief Minister after watching that movie.

In the present age, the CM of Andhra Pradesh Chandrababu Naidu is working towards the fulfillment of that dream. The only difference is that the CM directly talks to the officials to inform about their suspension in the film, but Chandrababu will be seen communicating with the officials to know the progress of the work and give them necessary guidance as and when required.

The RTGS system has come into operation. As a part of the system, the officials have developed Asia’s largest Video Conference. The RTGS system makes it possible for anyone to participate in a video conference with the CM if they have a cell phone and a decent cellular-network signal in that area. The CM can have an unparalleled view of each and every corner of the state.

So far 5,000 cameras have been installed in various parts of the state. 15,000 more cameras are to be installed in a short while. Drones would also be available in case of emergency and during rescue and relief times. The CM can have complete control over every aspect of this RTGS System. This is truly a giant leap in the ‘Real Governance’ initiative by the CM.

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