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HomelatestChandrababu KCR Secret Meeting

Chandrababu KCR Secret Meeting

 Chandrababu KCR Secret Meeting

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Telugu Desam Chief Ministers Chandrababu Naidu and Chandrashekhar Rao are going to do the work with unity. Now both of them are going to stand on the same path. There is a person behind the astonishing consequence. There is an information that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah are the basic reason behind the Telugu states CM’s unity.
Chandrababu and KTR were in a confusion after Venkayya Naidu was said to be the candidate for Vice President. They were in a confusion whom to meet when they visited Delhi. The two leaders came to the conclusion that they should be unity and not give any chance to the Central government. When coming to the constituency enhancement program is to be taken to Home minister Raj Nadh. and that will be directly consulted to Narendra Modi.

It is well known to both the chief ministers that BJP is trying to occupy the two Telugu states if they are not united. so they are planning to solve any issue among the states but not giving leniency to central. The state division issues, votes note case and telephone trapping are to be solved among the two states only. The two states CM’s are planning a secret meeting as soon to finalize the strategy.

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