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Tollywood To Shift To Amaravatahi

Tollywood To Shift To Amaravatahi

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Tollywood To Shift To Amaravatahi: During the Telangana movement, there is great hype created that Tollywood will be shifted to Andhra if the state breaks. Moreover, the works done by the Telangana government in his first two years increased the chances. Nagarjuna convention case and Ayyappa society have made the people think that it becomes true. later the total scene has changed after the GHMC elections.

KTR strategically made the cine celebrities lost their fears. Every thing has settled after the state division the drugs case came out. excise members are saying many cine official sons are included. There are rumors that Tollywood is divided into two groups, the top stars in one group and the upcoming stars in the other group.

Onc again Tollywood is trying to shift to Amaravathi. Already the Tollywood officials who heavily invested in real estate met Nara Lokesh about the shifting issue. let’s see whether Tollywood shifts to Amaravathi this time.

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