CBN’s Khammam Speech Became The Talk Of The Telugu Politics


The TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu gave his first ever election speech in the constituency of Khammam on behalf of the Mahakutami in Telangana. Despite arriving at the end of the campaign dates, his speech appeared rather latest and strong.CBN addressed the Telugu Desam followers and Congress supporters confidently after quite a lot of time in Telangana. Cheering up the crowd, CBN showcased his high spirit to remove TRS Government from Telangana.His speech won the hearts of many as the speaker touched many points from Telangana debts to the farmer suicides to the failure of loan waiver to the Incomplete Mission Bhagiradha projects.

 cbn showcased his high spirit to remove trs

Finally, this AP CM declared that KCR only pushed Telangana into many debts and only Mahakutami can drag back the newest state into development. This arch-rival of KCR asked if the latter has the guts to develop Hyderabad the way he developed the Cyberabad and made Hyderabad an IT hub. CBN ended his speech by asking the T-voters to vote for the development rather than to the party which did nothing but looting the Public funds.


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