Channels Desperate To Air Programs On Sikha

Channels Desperate To Air Programs On Sikha

The name Shikha Choudhary is no more a new name to anyone as her name reverberated in the two Telugu States post the murder of Express TV Chairman Chigurupati Jayaram. Now the media are after her to uncover the unknown secrets regarding this entire suspense.

The NRI Businessman Jayaram got assassinated by unknowns and immediately many along with the Police doubted on Sikha Chowdary for her alleged links with the victim. This charming young girl named Pulivarthi Madhuri alias Sikha made famous by some media and ran programs claiming in the name of young gold diggers. However, Police after complete interrogation declared her innocence but some channels are eager to dwell deep into her private life. Despite many trails, Sikha okayed and interview with one particular channel and it got wide reception. With this, other channels are after this lady trying hard to get her to their channels. Some are asking for her interviews whereas some are demanding a live debate. However, her advocates are advising her to stay out of trouble in order to avoid any damage or unwanted clips which goes on to electronic records.

Netizens who bat for her are thinking that she better go to media and live programs to have a clear cut version of the incidents. They state that she should speak her heart out to prove her innocence in one go.


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