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Charan eyes on Pawan Kalyan’s heroine!

Charan Eyes on Pawan Kalyan’s Heroine

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Tollywood directors were at the back of Rakul Preeth Singh until very recently. After Anu Immanuel’s entry on to the silver screen, things have changed. Despite being a new entry, Anu Immanuel is being showered with offers. The heroine recently acted alongside Pawan Kalyan in the film ‘Agnathavasi’. The film is slated to release on January 10th 2018. She would be doing her next film opposite Allu Arjun.

It is reported that the actress will be seen once again with another mega heroine. Ram Charan Tej has committed to Boyapati Srinu for his next film. Boyapati expressed that Anu Immanuel would make a good pair of Ram Charan on the screen. It is learnt that even Ram Charan gave a nod for Anu Immanuel as heroine in the film. Boyapati is currently busy with the pre-production work of the film.Charan eyes on Pawan Kalyan’s heroine

On being approached by the film’s production unit, Anu Immanuel immediately signed on the film. The heroine is on a spree of signing the back-to-back film. With three mega hero films in her hand, Anu Immanuel is a sure look-out as a ‘star heroine’ in the near future. Trade analysts are predicting that Anu Immanuel will attain stardom with the release of ‘Agnathavasi’.

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