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HomelatestMI5 Security forces foil terror plot to kill UK Prime Minister Theresa...

MI5 Security forces foil terror plot to kill UK Prime Minister Theresa May!

UK Prime Minister Terrorist Attack

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The MI5 security forces foiled an alleged terror attack on the UK Prime Minister, Theresa May.

‘The terrorists planned to use an Improvised explosive device to blow up the gates of the Prime Minister’s official residence at Downing Street. After the exploding the gate, they wanted to enter into No. 10 and kill the PM while the police are busy with the explosion incident,’ said an official.

The security forces have identified the terrorist as 20-year-old Rahman and 21-year-old Imran. These two are found to be from Northern London.UK Prime Minister Terrorist Attack

The Counter Terror Commando Officials have taken these two terrorists on November 28th. The UK Metropolitan Police officials briefed about the terror plot. The two men have been charged with terror offenses and will appear in the Westminster Magistrates’ court.

This is not the first time such a terror attack was planned to assassinate the UK Prime Minister, Theresa May.The British security agencies managed to foil 9 terror plots in the last 12 months, said an MI5 official.

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