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HomelatestYou Can Be Working For Google! 10,000 Jobs on Offer

You Can Be Working For Google! 10,000 Jobs on Offer

You Can Be Working For Google! 10,000 Jobs on Offer

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You Can Be Working For Google! 10,000 Jobs on Offer.Tech-giant and online search engine, Google has been receiving criticism after allowing violent content slip past the YouTube filters. To overcome this problem, Google is hiring thousands of moderators to review the content that is being uploaded to YouTube.

‘Since June 2017, our moderators reviewed 2million videos that contained hate speech, violence and extremist activities. The human moderators are an essential workforce both in removing content and helping machine-learning systems to identify similar footage based videos,’ said YouTube CEO.

youtube ceo WojcickiYouTube faced severe scrutiny after abusive content and disturbing imagery sneaked into YouTube Kids. YouTube CEO Wojcicki said, ‘hundreds of accounts have been shut down, and hundreds of thousands of comments have been removed by the moderators.’

YouTube CEO also stated that efforts are being taken to ensure extremist, abusive, hate speech and other anti-social content wouldn’t be on YouTube.

Few investigation agencies and media houses have discovered few verified YouTube channels propagating child exploitation videos, webcam feed of young girls in revealing clothes, and other disturbing content.

youtube recruitment‘We are improving our machine-learning systems to automatically take down any offensive and anti-social content. Our decision to recruit 10,000 moderators by the next year should make YouTube much safer place for kids and others,’ said an official from Google.

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