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HomelatestThe Same Gender Can Marry Now In Austria

The Same Gender Can Marry Now In Austria

The Same Gender Can Marry Now In Austria

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The Same Gender Can Marry Now In Austria.Austria’s top court on Tuesday said, that now it has ruled that same-gender couples can marry thus by adding the Alpine country into the group of more than dozen other European nations.

A statement said, the Constitutional Court has nullified the earlier decision of preventing such couples from marrying. This decision came on December 4, 2017. This act is going to come into implementation from December 31, 2018, onwards.
This ruling was evoked by a case that was brought by two women in a registered civil partnership who have rejected the right to marry by authorities in the capital of Vienna.

The Netherlands became the first country in the world to allow gay and lesbian marriages in a civil ceremony. This was started in Netherlands in 2001.
More than 12 European countries must have followed including most recently being Germany. While other countries allow same-sex couples to enter into civil partnerships.

Countries from Eastern European like, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, and Romania all deny homosexuals the right and privilege to marry or enter into unions.

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