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Uyyalawada Music Director

Chiranjeevi 151 Movie Music Director Fix: In media everytime latest news spreading about Chiranjeevi 151 film. Recently, rumors spread that Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy was not Chiru’s 151 film. But the Mega news proved that rumors as fake by declaring the movie will be on sets from August. At present, the director Sudarshan Reddy is scripting with the famous writers and Ram Charan is ready to produce 125 crores for Chiru’s movie. Charan has an opinion to release this movie in Tamil and Hindi too.

Maybe heroine will from Bollywood or South. The movie unit members are taking important decisions about music director. First thought of Thaman but later chose A. R Rehman as it is a big budget movie. So Charan and Co thought to consult A. R Rehman. Even though at present Rehman is busy with different Bollywood and Tamil movies. He said OK with the offer of high remuneration. The unit members are happy for A. R Rehman’s music as it can take the movie levels to peaks. As in August the movie will be on sets and will release in next summer.


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