Wednesday, September 29, 2021
HomelatestChiru Finally Puts An End To His Political Career

Chiru Finally Puts An End To His Political Career

The megastar Chiranjeevi is busy with many flicks lined up. But a close look at this Political career is hinting an endpoint. His recent course of actions explains everything. Chiru started his Political career by floating PRP and won as an MLA of Tirupathi region. Later he merged his party into AICC and became Central Minister for Tourism leaving his ardent followers in vain. This silver screen numero uno hero for some reasons fell flat when it comes to Politics. With the second innings in films, he almost bid adios to the active Politics and is busy doing flicks.

Chiru Finally Puts An End To His Political Career

It came to know that the AICC Chief Rahul Gandhi recently sent a call for Chiru to campaign for AICC but the latter rejected it. Not stopping there, Chiru more or less declared that he is not going to participate in Congress meetings not even renewed his membership in AICC. All the above points clearly state that this hero is going to leave Politics completely and concentrate only on films. Analysts also opine that staying far from Congress, Chiru will not even support his brother’s Janasena and choose to stay neutral for 2019 elections.

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