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HomelatestSecret Meeting About Drugs Case

Secret Meeting About Drugs Case

CM KCR Secret Meeting about Drugs Case

CM KCR Secret Meeting about Drugs Case: CM KCR took advantage of the drugs case when the Miyapur land scam was growing big. He created the sensation by sending notice to the 12 Cine celebrities by keeping Akun Sabharwal as his weapon. But suddenly CM KCR declared that all are victims who are in the drugs case.

This sudden change of CM KCR is nothing but the secret meeting held Tollywood big shots. Tollywood bewail for particularly targeting them in the drugs case. With this, the Tollywood big shots kept meeting and even said if necessary they will go to Vishakha by leaving Hyderabad.

AP Ministers Ganta, Lokesh happily gave the invitation to Tollywood with this Telangana government got 1000 volts shock. As film industry has the inseparable connection with Hyderabad, so CM KCR frighten for losing of Hyderabad brand image. That’s why oral orders were given to slow down the drugs case. As a part of the press meeting was held by CM KCR.

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