RGV Praises CM kCR

RGV praises cm kcr

RGV Praises CM KCR

Controversial director Ram Gopal Varma will always be trending in social media in one way or the other. We never know how he would respond to situations that are going on in the society. Recently he is in a controversy responding on the on going drugs issues. He says that because of the only reason that they are celebrities the interrogation is being done for so long. Even SIT officials respond over this saying everybody are equal to them irrespective of thier profession whether the person is a celebrity or a normal person. Hence now RGV reacts to the speech of kcr by saying that he’s the best CM we ever have and RGV praises cm kcr.

Kcr addressed in the speech in such a way that he stated that the people who take drugs should not be treated as convicts rather they should be treated as victims. kcr also says that the people who supply the drugs must be punished. This sounded good for rgv. Furthermore, Varma also says that SIT officials should follow what all kcr had told them and he also said that kcr had understood the situation very subtly and even suggested a better solution to the sit officials.

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