RGV in Drugs case..caught with proofs

RGV in drugs racket case

Subbaraju reveals about RGV in drugs racket case

It is known that the controversial director Ram Gopal Varma has made some controversial statements regarding the drugs issue. He says interrogation is taking so long as it is celebrities in the drug case.  He also questions asking if this would be the same process if it’s students or any ordinary person. SIT committee officials also respond regarding Varma’s comments saying, everybody is equal to them irrespective of their profession. The latest reports reveal about RGV in drugs racket case.

Furthermore, it reveals that some new names are out during Subbaraju’s investigation. Subbaraju himself told about RGV having the habit of taking drugs. SIT officers interrogate subbaraju with all the proofs along with the chats between rgv and Subbaraju. So with this rgv is also added into the list . There are other celebrities who would receive the notice very shortly and later their investigation will be carried out. The buzz amongst the people is that if rgv receives any notice from SIT , what would he do ?? Whether he would appear to investigation or not. This would leave everyone in suspense.

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