Sunday, October 17, 2021
HomelatestHave The EVMs Tampered In The Last Minute On Polling Day...?

Have The EVMs Tampered In The Last Minute On Polling Day…?

In what may be called as sensational speculation of the day, there are many allegations against the ruling party TRS regarding the happened snap polls on December 7th. According to the new talk of Telangana Politics, the sources which are unhappy to disclose their details shared stunning facts about the results.Going into the details, the results of the Telangana Elections are out and as expected, the TRS regained Power. This time, the majority and seats won by the TRS are impeccable for some and unbelievable for many voters. Despite huge competition from the Mahakutami, TRS showcased winning confidence prior to the elections.

Mahakutami Leaders Celebrating Early

Here, some sources disclosed that there happened a secret mishap and rigging by the ruling party leaders in the last minute. It is heavily speculated that the polling went on legitimate for a maximum time but at the extended polling time, the TRS leaders with the help of Election Officers and Police have pressed the TRS button to add more seats to their account in the last minute.These secret sources also claim that this is the reason for the EC for increasing its number of voting from 69.5% on Monday night to 73% on Wednesday morning. Whatever might be the case, despite all odds and controversies, TRS registered a huge win and won the polls. Even the TRS leaders are unable to digest such massive win against the Mahakutami which seemed competitive until the results day.

trs party immitating delhi congress views

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